My Firm Foundation

An organization grounded in philanthropy, well-being and success

Nuriche was built upon a belief in goodness and has pioneered an unprecedented network marketing model anchored in global philanthropy. The mission of Nuriche and its charitable entity, My Firm Foundation, is to help others lead healthier, happier lives through education, mentoring and enterprise. The activities of My Firm Foundation are funded by Nuriche™ Independent Business Owners (IBO’s) through the Nuriche EquiFlex™ Rewards Plan. My Firm Foundation is not an organization that gives handouts, but reaches out to those in need to provide tools to find their purpose and lead a higher quality life.

My Firm Foundation

My Firm Foundation is operated by an independent board of directors and works with staff to accomplish three primary mandates:


Sponsor initiatives that teach people about proper nutrition and provident living.


Work hand-in-hand with those in need to help them rise above their circumstances and achieve a greater sense of health and well-being.


Introduce a micro-franchise business model to give people the opportunity to set up and run self-sustaining businesses.

Rewarding Goodness

Our Nuriche EquiFlex™ Rewards Plan is designed so you can build your business and at the same time feel the goodness that comes from contributing to a cause. Nuriche is the only company in the industry that has placed its non-profit entity as its Master Distributor — two percent of IBO compensation goes to fund My Firm Foundation’s charitable efforts. This structure guarantees you can always feel confident your hard work will not only benefit you, but will contribute to the well-being of others. The philanthropic efforts of My Firm Foundation will always be a priority and sustainable in the long-term.

My Firm Foundation will support organizations that meet the most stringent criteria to ensure its contributions help the greatest number of people.