Case Studies

Chris Hoke

As defensive tackle and two-time NFL Super Bowl Champion for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chris Hoke leads a very active lifestyle. Up at 6:30 a.m., he’s in the gym by 7 a.m., and spends the rest of his day at practice reviewing video, planning and getting ready for the game. At 33 in the NFL, he plays with and against many guys in their early 20s. Before taking LiVE regularly, by the end of most days he was ready to come home and lay on the couch. However after discovering LiVE, he says he feels better not only at practice, but overall as well. After taking LiVE for a few months he decided to skip a day and saw the effects as his performance in practice was poor and he was lagging throughout the day. He is now committed to taking LiVE everyday and says he sleeps better, has more energy that doesn’t crash and “plays young again”.

Christina Hales

Christina Hales, wife and mother of four, was three days from announcing the launch of her husband’s new business when he crashed on his dirt bike obliterating his C5 vertebra. He was paralyzed from the chest down. As this tragic accident brought many challenges to their family — they were losing their house and raising four children under the age of twelve, she was approached about trying Nuriche™. Her family tried LiVE and ReVIVE and Christina immediately saw the benefits. Initially unsure if she could handle more responsibilities and take the time to promote the business, she knew she believed in the product and wanted to know more about the company. She soon found that unlike other network marketing companies with a few people at the top, Nuriche has a charity organization. As Christina and her family had been the beneficiaries of charity foundations, she recognized the support they bring and knew she wanted to be a part of something that contributed to a greater cause. After trying her 30 day supply of Nuriche products, she noticed the difference and wanted to continue to see the overall health benefits for her family, but could not afford the cost each month. After sharing the news about LiVE and ReVIVE with a few others that liked it as well, the cost was covered and she was on her way to starting her own home-based business. Nuriche was the right fit for Christina as she needed to do something that could cover their expenses but still allow her to be at home with her children. She discovered that Facebook is a great tool to reach potential customers as she shares updates with others about the weight she has lost and her increased energy. She has now been able to see her business grow, keep their house, set goals to pay off their medical bills and become the sole provider with her husband for their family.

Golden Harper

By the time Golden was 10, he was running a 3:08 marathon. By the time he graduated high school, he had placed in national championships and broken records. Coming from a family with a dedication and love of an active lifestyle, health and wellness has always been a top priority. Trying numerous different fruit and vegetable powders to boost their energy and increase their overall health, Golden always found them to be poor tasting and disappointing. Although skeptical about yet another nutrition drink when he was first introduced to LiVE, he gave it a shot and was overwhelmingly surprised. Now Golden not only drinks LiVE several times a day, but he says his body craves it and he can feel the difference.

Leanna Lewis Huber

Leanna’s daughter is a competitive horse woman. For training, Leanna and her daughter ride together often. Training with her active teenage daughter can be grueling, but as a mother, she needs energy not only for the training, but afterward when she returns to her busy schedule. Now that Leanna has started taking ReVIVE, she has seen a noticeable difference in her energy throughout the day – most importantly, she does not crash, but sees a constant and steady stream of energy, enabling her to get significantly more accomplished than before.

Kevin Ireland

As manager of the George Eccles Dinosaur Park, Kevin Ireland is constantly on the move meeting with visitors and overseeing the popular attraction on a day-to-day basis. But at 51, his day does not slow down after work; Kevin keeps a rigorous workout schedule and tries to keep his body healthy. Prior to discovering ReVIVE, Kevin would feel a lag of energy in the afternoons and would drink lots of energy drinks to make it through his workouts. Since finding ReVIVE, Kevin no longer needs those other drinks as ReVIVE has increased his energy throughout the day and is ready to hit the weights as soon as he gets to the gym.