Why Nuriche?

Sustainable opportunity, not hype:

There is a rapid rise in the number of network marketing opportunities in today’s business world, and with good reason. When done right, network marketing is one of the most powerful entrepreneurial systems of free enterprise that exists today. Unfortunately, many are based on iconic personalities and hype, and often do not result in sustainable, long-term opportunities for those that join their ranks. At Nuriche, we are structured to help you give back, feel good and prosper — both in the short and long term.

Structured for success:

When we created Nuriche, we set out to change the paradigm of traditional network marketing companies. While many network marketing companies are strategically structured for a five year window, followed by a fade into obscurity, we are structured for what comes after year five, with a strategy that will translate into enduring, sustainable growth and success. Nuriche is built upon sound products, philanthropic efforts and strong business strategies — a strategy you can feel confident in for many years to come.

What Goes Around Comes Around:

At Nuriche, your hard work is recognized with a superior commission plan that rewards not only the high volume performers, but provides bonuses and incentives to Independent Business Owners at all levels of involvement. It’s free to sign up as an IBO, and we offer a 60 percent payout on commission sales volume with no company breakage, a plan unheard of in the industry. In addition, we live up to our promise of connecting you with goodness by contributing two percent of all Independent Business Owner (IBO) compensation to Nuriche’s charitable entity, My Firm Foundation.

Being different is a good thing:

We are often asked, “Why Nuriche?” Simply put, it’s our connection to goodness. Nuriche is founded upon five key elements that make us a different kind of network marketing company:

  1. It’s About the Cause of Giving
    Many network marketing companies are engaged in some kind of philanthropic cause, but Nuriche is the only company in the industry that has placed its non-profit enterprise, My Firm Foundation, as its Master Distributor. In other words, our top distributor is our Cause, fueled by the economic engine of Nuriche. This structure guarantees that the philanthropic efforts of My Firm Foundation will always be a priority and will be sustainable in the long-term.
  2. Superior Products at Uncommon Prices
    Nuriche utilizes its proprietary processes and blends to create live, whole food powders that are second to none in nutritional density and efficacy. Further, we are committed to offering these nutrient-rich products at a price that is equal to or less than traditional retail pricing.
  3. Generous and Transparent Compensation Plan
    When structuring our compensation plan, our goal was to create something wholly unique without reliance upon traditional models. Thus, the EquiFlex™ Rewards Plan was born. It is the most equitable, flexible and rewarding pay plan that exists in network marketing today. Nuriche pays out 60 percent of commission sales volume to its independent business owners. Better yet, it is not a modified 60 percent, since there is no breakage passed on to the company. It is simple, clear and fully transparent. Nuriche IBO’s have the potential of earning more income through the EquiFlex™ Rewards Plan than any other plan in the network marketing industry.
  4. Seasoned Executive Team Making a Difference
    Nuriche has hired the best and brightest –- all seasoned veterans of the industry, who have seen the best and the worst the industry has to offer. Their collective commitment is to avoid the missteps of others and to create a lasting legacy that will better lives through Nuriche products, business opportunities and through a commitment to nutritional education and charitable giving. Nuriche executives believe if they follow this approach, more lives can be changed in the long-term.
  5. You are the Key to Everyone’s Success
    At Nuriche, it’s really all about our Independent Business Owners. We know that IBO’s are on the front-line of the business, and if they do not succeed, none of us will thrive. With this understanding, we are an IBO-centric company, meaning our executive team and every employee is committed to the success of all of our IBO’s. Along with this, we are committed to retaining the great IBO’s who join us instead of depending on a constant burn-and-churn philosophy to maintain our business. As a result, we have attracted some of the top IBO leaders in the industry, with more joining us everyday.

If this has resonated with you and you want to know more about Nuriche, contact the person who introduced you to Nuriche or please feel free to contact our Customer Care Center at 877-209-1512 if you have further questions. If you haven’t had the opportunity, we invite you to check out our calendar of events so you can join us for one of our many introductory meetings.