Whole Food Nutrition

Chris Hoke

“My fountain of youth”

Watch 2-time Super Bowl champ Chris Hoke, #76
of the Pittsburgh Steelers share his love for LiVE.

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It’s what’s inside that counts

No secrets. No “magical fruits”. We combine the power and nutrients of 60 fruits & vegetables, plus a handpicked selection of natural ingredients, to help you live a healthier life.

And to ensure nutrient-rich quality, we apply our exclusive InstaFresh™ technology to deliver even more benefits in a deliciously berry-flavored drink mix.

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5-a-Day the Nuriche Way

Eat your fruits and vegetables. We’ve heard it our whole lives — if only it were so simple. Packing in the recommended number of servings each day can be difficult. That’s why drinking Nuriche™ LiVE everyday is so important, since it has the nutritional equivalent of eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, making it that easy to stay on the path to health and wellness. LiVE contains 30 fruits, 30 vegetables and a selection of seeds, nuts, sprouts, enzymes, fulvic minerals and probiotics sourced from premium orchards and gardens. Selected at peak conditions and delivered to you in a convenient and tasty beverage, it leaves you without an excuse to reach your 5-a-day quota.

Benefits to Believe In

You can lose weight, increase your energy and feel more alive — you better believe it. When you start drinking one bottle of LiVE a day, you can immediately notice changes in how you feel. Most people sleep better at night and awaken feeling rested and alert. Many find they can think more clearly and feel more energetic throughout the entire day. LiVE doesn’t merely provide long-term health benefits — it delivers an immediate, noticeable change in how you feel.

We’re so Bio-Available for You

LiVE is a nutritionally dense product that harnesses the benefits of more than 70 live whole foods in the convenience of a delicious, berry-tasting powder. Since most of the ingredients in LiVE are manufactured using Nuriche’s proprietary InstaFresh™ technology, the nutritional value of LiVE’s ingredients are preserved at optimal levels and in a way that maximizes their bioavailability. This means the nutrients are more available for your body to easily absorb.

Just Add Water

Add 8 ounces of water to LiVE and shake vigorously to unleash the power of LiVE’s nutrient-rich, whole food blend. 10 grams of LiVE a day provides the equivalent of five servings of raw whole fruits and vegetables. Daily use of LiVE can support healthy digestion, reduce body stress, sustain a balanced PH and improve your immune system.

The InstaFresh™ Science

The notion of capturing the nutritional benefits of fresh produce in a small packet of powder probably sounds like science fiction. In truth, it would be science fiction were it not for Nuriche’s unique InstaFresh™ technology. No other process can match InstaFresh’s ability to convert live whole foods to powder in less than 30 seconds, while keeping the working temperature between 65° and 100° Fahrenheit. As a result of the extremely low heat, the remaining fine powders are rich in whole food nutrition.

Beyond Fruits and Veggies

LiVE gives you far more than 30 antioxidant rich fruits and berries and 30 power greens and vegetables. You also receive some 22 live-cell probiotic strains, plant enzymes and mineral ingredients that support your body’s natural ability to digest foods and absorb vitamins and nutrients. To top it off, the natural berry flavor is delicious and smells so good, even kids love it!

Enjoy LiVE in these 3 convenient ways: