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New Back Office Training Videos!

We are so excited about our new back office and all of its new features. You now have your qualifications displayed right before your eyes, steps to achieving your next rank, greater real time access to your downline organization, and other various tools.

We know whenever a system is changed; it can get a little tricky to get back into the swing of things. To make this process a little smoother, we have created new training videos to answer some question you may have about this new site. Please visit the links below and enjoy!

Part 1: Landing Page Orientation
Part 2: Commissions Detail
Part 3: Placing an Order
Part 4: Manage My Autoship

A Great Event in Mexico!

While Nuriche is preparing for Mexico’s Grand Opening in March 2012, it’s a great time to hear from top leaders and executives about new developments happening right now. You should be there! In coming years Nuriche will become one of the largest companies in Latin America and the World. Periodically, companies in the industry set the course, and Nuriche is certainly one of those companies.

DATE: Saturday November 19, 2011
ADDRESS: Dakota 95 Col. Naples, CP03810, Mexico City

2:00pm – 4:30pm Session
4:30pm – 5:30pm Break
5:30pm – 8:00pm Session

Ticket price for an IBO is $100. Guests are free.
Please contact your leader and ask for tickets, seating is limited.
For more information please contact us at

Attending this meeting will be Nuriche corporate team members Doug Folsom (CFO or Chief Financial Officer), Kevin Larson (VP of Marketing), and Manuel Ramirez (VP Latin America). Exceptional leaders who will also be speaking include Edgardo Valdivieso (Triple Diamond), Chad Sparks (Shareholder), Juan Carlos Disalvo (First Diamond in Latin America), Alejandro Ramos (Ruby), Dr. Manuela Velasquez and Dr. Roberto Villeda (Ruby) and other leaders of the Mexican Republic.

Do not miss the opportunity to listen to our special guest, motivational writer HELIOS HERRERA, a lecturer in the area of ​​personal development!


Nuriche Big Island Incentive: May 7th – May 12th 2012

Location: Hilton Waikoloa
Sneak Preview –

Want to attend? Read ALL of the qualifications below.

* Qualification A: (Full Package)
Period: June 1st 2011 – November 30th 2011
Rank: Any
Achievement: Enroll a minimum of 15 personally sponsored Prosper IBOs and have personal cumulative sales of $20,000 in packs.
Inclusions: Rooms, Flights, Transfers
Events: Welcome Dinner, Closing Dinner, Luau

* Qualification B: (You pay for 1 flight)
Period: June 1st 2011 – November 30th 2011
Rank: Any
Achievement: Enroll a minimum of 10 personally sponsored Prosper IBOs and have personal cumulative sales of $15,000 in packs.
Inclusions: Rooms, 1 Flight, Transfers
Events: Welcome Dinner, Closing Dinner, Luau

* Qualification C: (You pay for 2 flights)
Period: June 1st 2011 – November 30th 2011
Rank: Any
Achievement: Enroll a minimum of 6 personally sponsored Prosper IBOs and have personal cumulative sales of $10,000 in packs.
Inclusions: Rooms, Transfers
Events: Welcome Dinner, Closing Dinner, Luau

A Message from Commissions

As you know, we are in the process of switching to a new and improved back office! It is our goal to make this transition following the closing of October. In the meantime, please contact customer service to gain an understanding as to what your volume is for October. This will ensure that you have a clear understanding of what your total volume is and what you need to do to qualify. We also strongly encourage you to not wait until the last minute to get things taken care of. Start now so you can finish the month strong!

Nuriche Commissions Team

Nuriche Customer Call Center: (877)209-1512
Mexico Toll Free Number: 01-800-681-6539

The Nuriche Start Kit is Now Available!

The Nuriche Start Kit is now available! The Nuriche Goodness Guide will help orient your new enrollees while pointing them to the upline for more direction. The Nuriche Goodness Guide is $14.95 for current IBOs and Share enrollments (New Prosper IBO enrollments will receive the kit free as part of their enrollment.). Go to to order yours TODAY!

IBO Tom Scott Celebrates 100-lb Weight Loss and Receives 2010 Chairman’s Award

When Canton, Ohio-native Tom Scott became a Nuriche IBO six months ago, he was literally a different man. His health was dangerously compromised by a number of serious conditions, mostly caused by the fact that 5’7” father of nine tipped the scales at 323 pounds. His blood pressure was dangerously high, he struggled with gout and had low energy, all contributing to a poor quality of life and frequent trips to the doctor.

After IBO Cathy Allen introduced Tom to Nuriche’s quality line of live, whole food products in August 2010, he began regularly consuming Nuriche’s flagship products, Live and ReVIVE, the following month and soon noticed an increase in energy, a decrease in hunger pangs and a steady loss of weight. In the fall, after losing 37 pounds, he was invited to participate in the pre-launch study of Nuriche’s new weight loss system, LiveTRIM™. During the 90-day study which began on October 1, he dropped an additional 63 pounds, culminating in the celebration of his 100-pound weight loss on January 26th, in a special meeting in Canton.

From stage, Tom shared his amazing 6-month journey that has transformed his life in almost every way. “In addition to losing 100 pounds, my blood pressure has returned to normal, my continued struggle with gout has ceased, my energy level is consistently high and my overall quality of life has improved drastically,” he told a captivated audience. “Equal to the joy of my own physical success, is the joy of watching others that I introduce to Nuriche achieving the same type of results. I am passionate about our company and our products, and I look forward to spreading the Nuriche message of wellness around the world.”

Chairman’s Award Recognizes Outstanding Devotion to Greater Good

To honor and recognize Tom’s accomplishments, Nuriche CEO David Parker flew to Canton and surprised Tom during a special presentation by awarding him the 2010 Chairman’s Inspiration Award. The annual award is presented to a Nuriche IBO who “reflects the mission and culture of Nuriche and My Firm Foundation by exhibiting excellence in their actions and by demonstrating outstanding devotion to the greater good.”

As he presented the award, David said Tom received this prestigious award because of his exemplary performance on several fronts. Said David, “As a user of our products, Tom’s life has changed dramatically as evidenced by his 100 pound weight loss. As an IBO, he maximized the compensation plan and built his organization on the right foundation – his commissions for December were 35% of his volume. And finally, as a leader, Tom maximized corporate incentive programs taking 2nd in the Holiday Rewards Program.”

As David concluded the presentation, he observed, “Tom Scott reflects all of the goodness of Nuriche in his life, in his family and in his relationships with others. He is an effective steward of what is before him and is changing lives for the better—his own, his family’s and the lives of others he meets.

After the presentation, Tom said, “As amazing as receiving this award is, I am even more impressed with the leadership of our company and their sincere desire to reach out and meet the needs of others. I feel blessed to be a part of the Nuriche team and look forward to great success in the future.”

Join us in congratulating Tom and others like him who have caught the vision and are changing their own lives and the lives of others by embracing and sharing the mission of our growing company.

Winners of the Holiday Promotion

After weeks of competition and a lot of hard work during the Holidays, we are thrilled to announce the top 10 go-getters for our 2010 Holiday Rewards Promotion. These top 10 winners signed up the most new IBOs with the highest total sales between November 19th and December 31st.

We congratulate the following IBOs for their efforts and have noted the prize they have earned by their name:

1.    Japanese Silver IBO $1,000 cash
2.    Tom Scott $ 800 cash
3.    Humberto Silerio Sanchez Bueno $ 700 cash
4.    Kanako Nomura iPad
5.    B Hawkins Flat Screen TV
6.    Adelina Juarez Calzadilla Bose Wave® Music  System
7.    Michiyo Suzuka Digital Camera
8.    Japanese Manager IBO iPod Touch
9.    Japanese Bronze IBO Mont Blanc Pen
10.  Japanese Prosper IBO Ogio Briefcase

In addition to the top 10 winners, 62 IBOs qualified for a free Nuriche branded T-shirt, and we will be in contact with you to take your T-shirt size and send out your new T-shirt in the next month.

During the competition, one of the things IBOs told us that excited them about this promotion was the fact it was based on a level playing field and had nothing to do with current rank.

In a way, as we start 2011 you are all starting on a level playing field related to your Nuriche business, and just like this promotion, it will be up to you to determine what you achieve in the new year. Besides our existing products like Live and ReVIVE, our new LiveTRIM™ Weight Loss System provides an exciting new opportunity for you to build your business while you help to change lives.

We are excited by what we already see taking place in the new year, and look forward to meeting with many of you in the next few months at meetings or at recognition events.

Doing Business in Japan

We have received numerous inquiries about what the procedures are for signing up Independent Business Owners (IBOs) in Japan. The following details those procedures:

Doing Business in Japan
Nuriche is currently signing up independent business owners (IBOs) who are residents in Japan. Because Nuriche products are not yet registered for sale in Japan, all business activity is done on a “not-for-resale” (NFR) basis, meaning that a resident in Japan can sign up as an IBO and order product direct from the United States, but cannot then re-sell that product in Japan. Anyone who wants to order product in Japan or sign up as an IBO must follow these procedures.

All residents in Japan must receive a “gaiyo shomen” (disclosure document) before signing up as an IBO with Nuriche. This document must be given to the distributor in hard copy form and must be in color so that the printing in red can be distinguished from the rest of the text. This disclosure document is a requirement established by the Japanese government for all network marketing companies doing business in Japan. It is not sufficient to forward an electronic copy and ask the prospective IBO to print it out.

The actual registration process has to be done by completing the two-page Registration Form and sending it via fax to Nuriche Japan Customer Service (operated by a company called Access Technologies). Unlike the “gaiyo shomen”, this registration form can be distributed via email or fax.

Please have your applicant contact Nuriche Japan Customer Service to obtain the Registration Form and the disclosure document (the “gaiyo shomen”). They can also help your applicant to properly fill in the form in Japanese. Be sure to tell the applicant to write down your name and ID in the Sponsor section, and keep Placement section blank if you are planning to place later. Nuriche Japan Customer Service’s fax number, phone number and email address are listed below.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service at 877-209-1512.

The Nuriche Team

Exciting Auto Ship Announcements

In view of the continuing economic climate, we have listened to a number of IBOs who have expressed concerns about auto ship thresholds. As we considered what is in the best interest of our IBOs, we have determined to make a positive modification to our auto ship requirements.

Auto Ship Modification (Effective January 1, 2011)

We believe this modification is sensitive to our IBO’s needs and will enable them to build their business on a solid foundation during a time of a continuing economy difficulty.

Earn a Free Auto Ship (Effective December 16, 2010)
In addition to the auto ship modification, we are excited to announce an initiative for all IBOs which enables you to earn CV credit and/or a free auto ship.

Under this initiative, if you:

Please refer to the following Conference Call link ( for more details or call Customer Service at 877-209-1512 if you have questions.

There was an overwhelmingly positive response from IBOs as we announced this via Conference Call on December 16. We hope you feel just as thrilled. This is just one more way Nuriche is teaming with our IBOs to create momentum and success. Consider this an early Christmas present from your partners in Utah.

The Nuriche Team

IBOs Host Largest Nuriche Crowd Ever in Southern Cal

Nuriche IBO leaders Erica and Daniel Mililli and Christina and Jonathan Hales hosted a record-breaking meeting on Saturday, October 16th at the Double Tree Hotel in Orange, California.

“This was the largest gathering in the young history of Nuriche for a southern California event, said IBO Jonathan Hales. “We also had more prospects than at any other event, so this was truly a “Super Saturday” for Nuriche IBOs and our respective organizations.” What was even more exciting, said Jonathan, was the percentage of conversion among those in attendance. More than 80% of the prospects became distributors during the event.

Daniel and Erica Mililli were the headline presenters and shared information about Nuriche’s products, ground-breaking business opportunity and its commitment to charitable endeavors through its non-profit partner, My Firm Foundation.

As the keynote speaker, Nuriche Vice President Brett Barrett started out his presentation by arranging a Pushup contest (Yes, a Pushup contest). Ten IBOs accepted the exercise challenge. Participants who ranged in age from 24 to 66, completed pushups from a high of 50 to a respectable low of 35! (At 52, Brett bested all competitors and credited his strength to his daily use of Nuriche products combined with regular exercise). He also noted his use of ReVIVE has helped him lose and keep off 25 pounds during the last 18 months.

IBO Christina Hales also shared her inspiring story. “After the accident that paralyzed my husband, Jon, I was struggling in every way – physically, emotionally and financially,” she said. “When I started using LiVE and ReVIVE, my energy and emotions improved, and we were ultimately able to save our house through the Nuriche business opportunity. We are living examples of what Nuriche can do for you.”

Remember, Nuriche holds a monthly Health and Wealth Seminar in Southern California that features a Nuriche corporate executive. Visit the Events Calendar on our web site ( to learn when the next executive will keynote at an upcoming Saturday event in November.