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Nuriche – Standing for Something

Nuriche – Standing for Something
by David Parker

I agree with Henry Ford who once said, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business indeed.” While being profitable is essential for any business to survive, I believe a company must stand for something and subscribe to ethical behavior to be truly successful.

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of ice cream fame (Ben & Jerry’s) found that by making humanitarianism and philanthropy integral parts of their business ethic, they were able to combine profitability with social responsibility while building one of the largest ice cream empires in the world.

This is the model we subscribe to at Nuriche. We have made our non-profit partner, My Firm Foundation, our Master Distributor, and commit 2% of IBO compensation to charitable initiatives. Last week, for instance, My Firm Foundation sponsored “The Golden Games” in Salt Lake City to help seniors in care centers remain vital and active. As we grow and evolve, we envision our efforts taking on a global mission.

All of this wouldn’t mean much, however, if as company executives, we didn’t personally subscribe to ethical behavior. Ethical behavior results when our hearts, minds and actions are aligned with ethical principles. When a commitment to this kind of alignment exists, decisions don’t vary based on outside pressures or what is expedient in the moment merely to achieve more profits.

All the executives at Nuriche believe in upholding the very highest standards of ethical behavior and assert that “good ethics is good business.” After years in the business world, all of us have observed that good ethics serve a company better in the long-run in terms of customer loyalty, employee satisfaction and overall respect because ethical behavior appeals to people more than any product or service could on their own.

We also feel a sense of responsibility because if we don’t model ethical behavior, how can we hold IBOs or employees to ethical standards? We feel so strongly about this, that we have worked with IBOs to establish the “IBO Bill of Rights” which verbalizes the kind of ethical treatment an IBO can expect at Nuriche.

Ethics are important not only in business, but also in all aspects of life because it is an essential part of the foundation on which a civilized society is built. A business or society that lacks ethical principles is bound to fail sooner or later.

Nuriche IBO Placement Policy

With the introduction of the Nuriche EquiFlex™ Rewards Plan, some of our Nuriche independent business owners (“IBO’s”) have asked about the policy concerning placement of IBO’s in their downline. Because the Share commissions are paid based on sponsorship and not placement, and because IBO’s qualify for pools based on 30 levels of qualifying downline volume, placement will not make or break the success of your business. However, some may want to structure their organizations by placing IBO’s in their downline.

Below are the rules concerning IBO placement:

An IBO can only be placed within 60 days from the date that the IBO signs up in Nuriche.
Example – X signs up Y. X is the personal sponsor of Y. X has 60 days from the date of signup to place Y anywhere in X’s downline organization.

An IBO can only be placed in the sponsor’s downline.
Example – X signs up Y. X’s personal sponsor, Z, pressures X to place Y directly under Z. This is not allowed. Nor is X allowed to place Y under someone cross-line, such as another person in Z’s downline who is not in X’s downline.

An IBO can only be placed one time. If a distributor has been placed other than on the front line of the sponsor, the distributor is considered to have been placed and cannot be moved again.
Example – X signs up Y, and at the time of signup, places Y on X’s third level. X cannot then move or place Y anywhere else.

An IBO who is placed takes the IBO’s entire downline intact with the placement.
Example – X signs up Y, who then over the next 60 days signs up A, B, and C, who in turn sign up various IBO’s. If X places Y, then Y’s entire downline, including A, B, and C and their downline, moves intact with the placement of Y.

An IBO can only be placed by the IBO’s sponsor. The sponsor must either make the request via the e-mail address which is on file with Nuriche, or through a fax with a signature.
Example – X signs up Y. Y wants to be placed under Z. Y cannot request a change of placement. This can only be done by X.

Because Nuriche has introduced a new compensation plan, all IBO’s will be treated as having signed up on March 1, 2010 for placement purposes. In other words, all sponsors will be given 60 days from March 1, 2010, to place any IBO which they have personally sponsored.

In addition, IBO’s who have been placed prior to March 15, 2010, will be allowed to be re-placed. In other words, the “only placed one time” rule will apply to all placements made beginning March 15, 2010.

More Green iPod Incentive – March 1 – 30, 2010

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